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Truth Travelers: Training God’s Missionaries Today

Have you ever wanted your kids to make a difference in the world they live in? Have you ever wanted your kids to experience what life is like in another country without ever leaving your church? That’s what the Truth Travelers in Muncie, Indiana are doing every week at our church.

Every night this group of elite missionary children’s team gets together to discover the lives of the missions we support. Each month is a different mission focus and each night is a different discovery of that missions way of life. Whether it be a Christian campus, a foreign missionary, or any other mission the children learn what life is all about through the eyes of those missions.

After the discovery time the kids get together and pray for that particular mission. Contact each mission about a month ahead of time to see what you and your group can be praying specifically for.

Then its time to encourage those missionaries. You can make cards, collect goodies, make treats or bead necklaces. You can make a movie or record a song over the course of a month’s time. Whatever it is that you decide to do make sure all the kids are excited about the idea and that they have fun putting it together. In other words make sure it is creative and excellent. Also, a very important note is to…KEEP IT SIMPLE!! You can spend a lot of money doing something that would be just as creative if you spent little to no money. It doesn’t have to be fancy in order for it to be extremely encouraging.

Finally, have fun to wrap up the evening. Find out what your missions and missionaries do for fun and do that. When we focused on a college campus house we played corn hole, took goofy pictures, and ate pizza to end each night.

For some other examples of what we have done with this group you can check out the blogspot at www.truthtravelers.blogspot.com The website is updated regularly so you can check in on this group from time to time. There is also a video that explains a little more and some music in the background.

Matt Lee



  1. Steve says:

    This is good stuff…right here. thanks for this

  2. Matt says:

    Are you interested in starting a group at your church?


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