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VBS Miracle

Last summer at Vacation Bible School we “Took the Plunge” with Jesus, and what an amazing adventure it was. It wasn’t amazing because of the curriculum, the worship, the team, or the kids. Each of these things were really cool, but the truly amazing part was that God used our little kids to do something crazy for HIS glory.

We challenged the kids to be faithful with the small things God had provided them with so that He could bless them with amazing things. We challenged 100 children to bring their spare change before God’s feet each day to see how He worked. Our goal was $8,000 in one week so that we could buy several water filtration systems to send to Liberia, Africa.

The kids took the challenge pretty seriously on day one. They had written mission letters, held yard sales, and emptied their piggy banks. On night one they had reached $3600 raised. Every night after that the kids continued to be faithful with their small things. Each day I took a 5 gallon bucket of spare change to the bank.

As Friday crept closer though we still weren’t close to our goal. God had done some cool things already and the kids were ready to be blessed, but with only one day left it didn’t seem like we were going to make it. We were still $3600 short of the $8,000. On Friday morning I had two couples approach me to tell me that they would cover the difference of the goal so that the children didn’t fail. Honestly, I was grateful for these couples but bummed. I couldn’t imagine getting in front of the kids and telling them that God didn’t do something amazing. As I thought about this more and more I just knew that we were going to make it. God was going to show us His power through kids in just one special night. I emailed every person I could think of to invite them to watch a miracle happened.

With the change buckets ready on the stage the kids started rolling in. They came in with smiles on their faces though and their arms filled with every spare penny they could find. They had buckets, boxes, and bags filled with money. They filled the change buckets over so we put more on the stage. As they continued to bring the money forward not one child bragged about their giving. In fact, one little girl said, “I have nothing left to give. And that’s okay with me.” Then she smiled and started worshiping Jesus.

As the kids were in their classes we counted up the change. $3800 dollars came in that night and we broke our goal. We danced and we partied like we had never partied before. I felt like David dancing in the street or the disciples when they saw Jesus for the first time. God had used 100 kids to raise more than $8000 in one week.

The money purchased three large filter systems that will be used in the city of Monrovia, a small village, and a children’s home. It was amazing and it was definitely inspiring to see God work in a mighty way, but it was also very humbling. It was humbling because I walked away that night thinking, “If my little kids can do this for God and they can lay down everything at His feet, then what can God do through me?”

That’s the journey I am on each day since this miracle. A miracle that still brings tears of joy to my eyes and chills down my spine!

Matt Lee, Children’s Pastor


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