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Prayer is Strength – Gospel Illusion

With the US having the National Day of Prayer this week, here is a lesson on prayer.

Here’s a picture of an average boy. He looks like he is having the time of his life with that giant ice cream cone. How many of you would like to have one of those right now? Little does he realize that things aren’t going as well as he thinks. On his way home from the ice cream stand, he will face a lot of dangers. First, he may be tempted to use drugs, smoke, or drink with some guys in the park he walks through. Second, he may be hit by a car as he begins crossing the street. Third, he may be stopped and picked on or beat up by some bullies. Forth, he may be provoked to anger and lose his temper and begin saying some things that he knows he really shouldn’t. Fifth, he may see something in the park and try to steal it. All of these things are traps that will completely destroy him. So how can he prevent these or know that if something like them happened that he would make it through?

The answer is prayer. Prayer is strength. Prayer will give him strength to say no to drugs, smoking, or anything that will harm his body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Prayer will be the power that protects him from the dangers and harm from accidents or bullies. Prayer will give him strength to control his temper and show things like the fruit of the Spirit through his actions. Prayer will give him strength to be honest and Christlike in his actions. Prayer will give him the strength to keep his life together and enjoy the great day God has given him. And just like he has made it through these trials and attacks, so can you when you spend time each day in prayer with God.

(Click on the thumbnail to open the full-size picture and print it out. Present this as a classic paper tear effect. Print two pictures of the boy. Fold one up and tape it to the back upper right corner of the other picture. As you make your First, Second, Third, etc. comments, rip the shown picture into pieces. As you place them together and fold them (roughly about the same size as the one taped to the back, turn the entire set around. As you begin making your summary on praying giving strength, begin unfolding the un-torn picture. This will give the illusion that the paper has been restored. Practice to be sure you can tear and fold the paper without revealing the gimmick on the back side.)

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