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Dollar to Snake

(drawing below)

1. (draw dollar sign) God always takes care of our needs. One way we can show God that we love Him and appreci­ate His loving care for us is by giving our tithes and offerings to Him.

2. But, there’s an individual that will do everything that he can to fight God. (complete drawing)

3. He’s the same person that came into the Garden of Eden and tempted Eve.

4. And he will also tempt you by telling you that it’s alright for you to keep all your money. “It’s alright to for­get about giving your tithes and offerings,” he will say.
5. Remember, when you think you don’t need to tithe, it’s Satan telling you that!

NOTE: This drawing may be used to discuss 1 Timothy 6:10, “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”


Copyright © 1987 Rev. Randy Christensen (Used by permission from Randy’s Easy Gospel Cartoons Book)

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