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Free, Fun, and REWARDING! – You Could Be The Next Winner!

Did you know that the odds of writing a NY Times Bestseller are 220-to-1?

Not bad, but your odds of becoming the next winning writer in the CMIV are much better ! CMT is sponsoring a new contest in the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault. It’s Easy! It’s Fun! And, most of all, Children’s Ministry Leaders around the globe will be blessed!

Add Your Ideas Today to Enter this Eternally-Rewarding Contest! Want more info on what to post and what you can win? Check out the rest of this post!

Entering couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is Click Here to add your creative ideas. You can add as many ideas as you like. Each and every idea will be counted as an entry!

Let your imagination run, your heart leap for joy, your fingers tickle the ivories of your keyboard, and your thoughts be anointed as you discover your hidden passion to globally empower fellow teachers!

Here are a few helps for adding your ideas to the CMIV today.

Your idea should be full and completely written out so that any children’s ministry worker can quickly and easily use it to minister. Usually you can effectively do this with a 3 or 4 paragraph post. However, if you post a wonderful and original puppet or drama skit that is several pages long, then rejoicing will be heard around the world! You have lots of categories to choose from. You can submit an object lesson, skit, gospel magic trick, craft instructions, preschool idea, game, etc…

Prizes are – Your Choice of Downloadable Resources from the Children’s Ministry Today Outlet Mall!

First Prize is – $50 of Downloadable Resources
Second Prize is – $25 of Downloadable Resources
Third Prize is – $10 of Downloadable Resources

Enter Now! and any time before June 26th!

The CMIV Team

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