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Truth Travelers Go Begging

After spending the entire month of April learning about Liberia with our children’s missions team, Truth Travelers, we all went on a short, two hour field trip. Our goal for this field trip had two parts. We wanted to experience what life is like for many children of the world and we wanted to raise money to be an encouragement to a Liberian orphan. After much discussion we decided that to truly understand how a Liberian child might live we must put ourselves in a similar position.

We decided to perform a live Liberia drama in a very safe neighborhood we contacted in advance. This drama was different though because we didn’t set up a stage and invite people to join us. We went to them and we went…as beggars. Every child and adult that went on this field trip was required to dress and act like a beggar. We spent a couple Wednesdays preparing for this drama by creating different knick-knack items for the children to sell (bead jewelry, pictures, Liberia type ball on string toy).

As the children knocked on each door we were surprised by so many different responses. Very few people turned the children away instantly, but there were a few. Some people encouraged the kids, but would not offer them any money or buy any of their items. Others gave whatever spare change they had in their pockets. A handful of people though dug deep into their billfolds and purses to bless the children with a generous gift.

The kids responses to each of these encounters was different as well. If they were given anything at all they came jumping and leaping away from the door with so much joy. When they were rejected they came slowly back to the group. Sometimes; however, they would holler back from the house right after the door closed that that particular person gave them nothing. All together the children were able to raise enough support to pay for one orphan’s schooling for a year as well as extra for food and care that child might need. As a children’s minister I was so proud of how the kids took their parts seriously. I was very surprised though when they asked me if they could go begging again sometime.

It was such an amazing experience for me as well. This was my first experience as a beggar and I must admit it was extremely humbling. Being covered in soot, dirt, and really filthy clothes made me feel like I didn’t belong. Especially when my little three year old son didn’t want me touch him. I laughed at the time, but after a minute or two of thinking about it I realized how true this was to millions of people around our world.

You can check out some pictures at http://thetruthtravelers.blogspot.com/  and you can also email me if you have enjoyed reading about the adventures of the Truth Travelers at mateo1797@yahoo.com

Matt Lee

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