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Children’s Ministry and the Miraculous

There needs to be balance in everything we do! We need to present the entire scripture, in context, to those with whom we minister.

The miraculous is no exception. I have found that though many children’s ministry leaders fully realize the importance of relying on the power of God for successful daily living, they fail to relate this important truth to the children in their ministry.

In this ever-changing and increasingly evil world, children need more than to know a couple of Bible stories. They need more than a few scriptures memorized. What they need is daily interaction with and daily intervention from Almighty God. Each Sunday offers you an incredible opportunity to impress upon them the importance of allowing God to intimately and powerfully work in their lives.

Let’s consider quotes from two heroes of faith.

Smith Wigglesworth said, “It is a blessed thing to learn that God’s word can never fail. God can work mightily when you persist in believing Him in spite of discouragements from the human standpoint.” and “I am not moved by what I see. I am moved only by what I believe.” Lilian Trasher said, “When we keep our eyes on Him, everything seems easy, oh, so easy. But when we begin to look at circumstances, we shake and tremble with fear.”

What is so importantly derived from these words is that they are inspired by the knowledge of and faith in a Powerful God who miraculously works within the lives of His children. Can you see that? There can be more happening here than knowing some scripture, being able to compete and win at Bible Quiz or perform well during a Fine Arts Festival or JLT competition.

There has been a prevailing trend to casually use a few scriptures during a service and believe that is all that needs to be done because the Bible clearly says that God’s Word will not return void. For a moment, consider the examples God gives for a Christian life. His example is of a Sower and Seed! If you hold services and mention some scripture or have one key verse, that may be all that is needed, but you must also prepare the soil in which it is being planted.

Your kids must come to know the scripture as more than something they must memorize. They must realize that it is Truth; Truth that will set them free; Truth that has power; Truth that is living and active in their lives! They must realize that this truth, freedom, power, and life are manifestations of the supernatural presence of God’s Spirit working within them. Does not scripture say, “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world”? Does it not also remind us that “The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is living within us.”? The realization of these truths is going to come as the Holy Spirit draws them. Your challenge and calling is to work the soil so it is prepared and ready to receive the drawing from the Spirit.

So, the question proposed to us is simply this. “Do we want our children to live successful, complete, and fulfilled lives?” If so, then into what are we putting our efforts? Are we adoxographers? (skilled teachers in unimportant subjects) Or, do we introduce them to the knowledge of the Almighty’s powerful presence which He so deeply desires them to experience?

Rev. Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today

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  1. Jerry Moyer says:

    Awesome article Bro! So much truth here. Its time to get back to impacting kids life’s for eternity! Time to make a difference in this generation before we loose them.

    Keep up the awesome work you do!

    God Bless
    The Jubilee Gang

  2. Billy Burns says:

    As usual, you hit a home run! Thank you for being a proponent and voice for raising up boys and girls who love Jesus, know His Word, and flow with His Spirit. You and Alisa are a loud voice around the globe for allowing the Holy Spirit to fulfill His assignment in the earth. Keep it up!

    God bless,

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