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Drawn to the Light

Items Needed: house plant, bug zapper light

(Display houseplant.) I’m sure most all of you have house plants at home or plants outside in a garden. (Gently bend plant to one side.) Have you ever seen a plant doing this? Do you know why a plant bends like this? (Allow someone to respond.) That’s right. The plant bends to reach toward the sun. The sun is important to the health of the plant, so it bends toward what it good for it.

(Display bug light.) Does anyone know what this is? (Allow response.) A bug light is a special type of light that attracts bugs. The bugs fly right up into the light because they like the light. They “gravitate” toward the light; in other words, they are drawn to or attracted by the light. But, as soon as they hit the light—ZAP! It kills them! Just because the bugs like the light, or gravitate toward the light, doesn’t mean it is good for them. The sun is good for the plants. They choose to live in the sun light, even if they have to act different than normal by bending to reach the sun. But the bug light is deadly for the bugs.

We can be like the plants or the bugs. Like the plants, we can choose to obey and live for Jesus, even if we have to act differently than what is normal to people around us. Or, we can be gravitators like the bugs, drawn toward whatever we think we might like, or anything that we think our friends might like, and end up making bad and even deadly choices. Obviously, we want to choose to do right, to make choices that are good for us, instead of being gravitators who are easily pulled into making bad and harmful choices!

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