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Jesus is the Way (One Way Jesus)

Place a cross on one end of the room with the scripture “I am the way, the truth, and the life”

On the floor, tape out a maze. Have about four or five ways to enter. Also, have an exit, but run it around the maze to a dead end. In the middle of the maze, have a section that says “Hell.” Each entrance will lead around turns and twists, and will end up in Hell. Tell the children to find the way out. The thing is to look to the cross. When they look to the cross, they just walk straight out. It doesn’t matter where in the maze they are, they can walk out.

Use this to express the point that there are many many ways that people try to get to heaven. Even though they all appear to lead to heaven, in reality, they lead to hell.

Christ is the only way. No matter where in life you are, you can look to him and find your way.

(Submitted by Rev. T. Dale Gilreath, Jr. Children’s Pastor & Missionary to Ireland)

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