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Sin Enters The World

(fruit to snake drawing below)
TOPIC: Why is there sin in the world? Genesis 2 & 3


1. Draw the fruit stem
2. Fruit
3. Snake tail
4. Tongue
5. Body markings
6. Head
7. Eye


(Draw step 1) Since the time you were small, you have heard the story of Adam and Eve, the first two people God created and placed on the earth to have charge over all the animals and life He made. You probably know they were given a beautiful place to live, called the Garden of Eden. There, God made them comfortable and supplied all they would need for survival. He created them to love and to worship Him. There was only one rule God gave them and it was to never eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. (Draw step 2) We don’t know what the fruit of that tree looked like, it might have looked like this. We don’t know what it tasted like or how it smelled. What we do know is it was not be eaten of. However, as Eve strolled through the Garden by herself one day, Satan came to her in the form of a snake, (Draw step 3) and told her that the reason God did not want her to eat of it was because she would then be as smart as God Himself. Even though this was a lie, she believed the serpent, ate of the fruit and then convinced Adam he should do the same. (Draw step 4) They did not get any smarter, but instead became aware of their sin.

Now if I asked you what the first sin was, what would be your answer? (You may want to give children a chance to respond) (Draw step 5) Most may answer that they stole the fruit. But, the real answer is they disobeyed. They disobeyed God, and in our own lives, sin is usually preceded with disobedience to God, or our parents, or someone else. (Draw step 6) Doing what is right is really easier than doing evil. Doing right brings rewards. Doing wrong brings consequences. Remember this, wrong is wrong when everybody’s doing it, and right is right when nobody’s doing it. Your sin, like Adam and Eve’s, will always be found out. For a while you may be able to hide it from others, but you never hide it for even a moment from God.

(Draw step 7) Learn from Adam and Eve’s mistakes. Do what is right and God will be pleased with what you do.

Copyright © Rev. Dave Winchell

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