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Be Imitators of God – Interactive Lesson

Let’s all stand up and play a short game. I’m going to pretend to be a person looking in a mirror. You all need to pretend to be my reflection. We need absolute silence to concentrate. Mirrors don’t speak anyway. (Begin to do various actions such as touching your toes, touching your nose, rubbing your elbows, jumping, pretending to brush your teeth, etc.)

Very good! You may have a seat. Thanks for participating. Who can tell me what word describes what you were just doing? That’s right, imitating. If you are imitating someone, you copy that person’s words or actions exactly. Now it was easy for you to imitate me, because I was right there in front of you. You had an example to follow. You couldn’t imitate someone that you don’t know or have never seen.

God says in the Bible that we should all be imitators of Jesus. In fact in Ephesians 5:1 it is written as a command and says, “Be imitators of God.” Imitators–that means copying Jesus’ words, thoughts, and actions exactly! How can we do that since we weren’t alive when Jesus lived on earth? Jesus gave us examples to follow, just like I was your example. The Bible tells us what Jesus lived, thought, and acted like when He was on earth. The Bible also tells us about God’s thoughts, attitudes, actions, and words since the beginning of time, since the world was created. God asks that we imitate Jesus, but He didn’t leave us without an example. He gave us the Bible so that we can know exactly how to think, talk, and act.

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