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Be Imitators of Christ – Balloon Lesson

(Follow these instructions to make the parrot balloon as you teach the lesson. Inflate one 260 animal twist balloon leaving about half an inch uninflated and tie the knot. Hold the balloon in your left hand with the uniflated end to the right. Make a half inch bubble and then a 1.5 inch bubble. Taking the knot with your right hand, stretch it back over the 1.5 inch bubble. Twist the knot around the base of the one and a half inch bubble so that the half inch and one and a half inch bubbles are side by side. Bring the uninflated end of the balloon alongside of the head you just made so that about 6 inches extends beyond the head. Twist the end section and the base of the head together. Fold the 6 inch section back below the head and alongside the rest of the balloon loop. Twist the three sections together about in the middle of the 6 inch section. This forms the body of the parrot. Wedge the body between the two ends of the loop so the loop goes over the top of the head of the parrot. It appears as a parrot sitting in a swing with it’s tail hanging below the swing.)

This is a balloon parrot. Many of you have seen pictures of parrots. You may have heard a parrot talk if you have been in a pet store. But a parrot isn’t really talking. A parrot is imitating the noises that he hears around him. When a parrot spends a lot of time with someone, he will begin to imitate them and the things they say. We imitate the people around us too. That’s why it is important that we spend time with other Christians and with Christ through our devotions. That way we will become more like Him. If a person is around someone who is greedy, impure, has bad language, or immoral, then that person will become like that as well. But if a person spends time with Christ, then they will become more like Him. We need to be more like this parrot and imitate Christ as we spend time with Him. Ephesians 5:1 says, “Be imitators of God.” Make is your number one goal to imitate Christ in everything you do.

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