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Crazy Olympics – Summer Children’s Ministry Activity


Here are ideas to run a Crazy Olympics. Boys and girls can be involved in dreaming up more events, which they think would be fun!

Bicycle Relay – Three people for each team. Two hold right or left hand (facing each other). The third person straddles the hands. All three run to goal and return. If bike breaks, fix and continue.

Discus Throw – Use paper plates.

Diving – Each player has 5 jellybeans. Place a container half full of water at a certain distance from line. See how many beans can get into receptacle.

Fifty-Yard Dash – Unroll a roll of TP, from one end of room to other. Work as a team. If the paper breaks, tape it back together.

Hammer Throw – Stuff newspaper into the bottom of small paper sacks. Squeeze top of sacks together and tie on long strings. Each player throws a sack, holding the string by the end and swinging several times.

Hot Air Race – Blow on inflated balloon to keep it in the air while walking to goal line and back.

Indoor Mile – Go 50 feet with hands on ankles.

Javelin Throw – Use plastic straws.

One-yard Dash – Push a marshmallow across floor with nose.

Push Me / Pull Me – Two people stand back-to-back, lock arms, run to goal and return.

Shot Put – Use large marshmallows.

Softball Throw – Use standard rules.

Standing High Jump – A donut is suspended from ceiling about 4 inches above mouth of jumpers. Hands cannot be used. One bite wins.

Three-Legged Race – Use standard rules.

Twenty-Foot Dash – Hop a given distance on one foot.

Two Hundred Yard Dash – Strips of paper for each team and pair of scissors. Players cut from one end of paper to the other end, which is held by members of the respective teams.

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