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Follow God’s Plan for Your Life

Needed: 3-legged unassembled night stand, old shirt
For a long time, I have needed a night stand to go next to my bed so I bought one of these all purpose, easy-to-assemble tables. Here’s the top and here are the 3 legs. (Show top.) It’s just the right size because I needed space for a lamp and a clock. All I have to do is screw each leg into one of these brackets–just like this. (Put 2 of the legs on the table.) Here we go! (Set up table as if you are very proud of it. It should be laying rather cockeyed on its side. Toss 3rd leg aside.) I don’t want to use this one. I like to keep things in even numbers so I’m just going to use 2 legs. There! What a nice table! It doesn’t stand quite as straight as I thought it would. (Look as if thinking hard.) I can still use it though. I can put clothes on it instead of on the chair. (Toss shirt across table.) It holds that shirt pretty well. Not a bad table at all!

Now it would be pretty ridiculous of me to go the rest of my life using this table to put clothes on when I needed it for my lamp and clock. Using this table like this is like anyone of you choosing not to follow God’s plan for your life. This table will never be as good as it could be using it with 2 legs instead of three. That’s not how it was planned. That’s not how it was made. Neither was your life made to follow another plan other than God’s plan. Any other plan–even if it’s your own–is not why you were made. Choosing to follow your own plan instead of God’s is like this table (Point to table.). Your life will never be as good as it could be unless you choose to follow God’s plan. (Throw shirt off to side. Put 3rd leg on table and stand table upright.) Only when you follow God’s plan will your life be at its best!


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