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Gospel Adaptation for the Effects “Color Deception” or “Black & White Surprise”

Gospel Adaptation by George H. Sprague II

If you don’t already own it, I strongly recommend you seek out an effect called “Color Deception,” or “Black & White Surprise” (See Note below).

This is a great effect that fools just about everyone and may be completely examined at the conclusion! And, although it was not intended for use as a witnessing tool, it is perfect for use that way.

In this effect, the performer has a brass chip in either hand; the right hand’s chip is white and the left hand’s chip is black. The hands are closed and turned over; when re-opened the white chip is now black and the black chip is white. This is repeated and the chips again change places. The spectator’s are, of course, skeptical – they know the performer is only turning the chips over in his/her hands. The chips are then shown again and when one is passed over the other, they now change entirely: One is red on one side and blue on the other. The other is green on one side and yellow on the other. The black and white chips have vanished altogether!


I cannot give out the secret to this effect here. You’ll have to buy one to find that out. I am only giving my presentation here in hopes that you will get the effect and use it to save some souls.


  1. With the hands outstretched in palm up position, and the fingers spread wide, show the discs with them resting on the tips of the middle fingers. The black chip is at the tip of the left middle finger; the white chip is at the tip of the right middle finger.
  2. Close the hands and turn the fists over, simultaneously pressing the chips in either palm.
  3. Turn the hands over and open them to reveal that the chips have changed places.
  4. Push the chips back out to the tips of the middle fingers again and repeat steps 1 though 3 to show the chips have transposed again.
  5. As you do the above “transpositions”, talk about how people who don’t know God often appear happy or bright (like the white chip), but inside they are sad and dark (like the black chip). They may go to a party or something else that makes them feel happy for awhile, but soon they are back to their same old selves again and they get feeling down again. This happens to folks over and over, and often they don’t know what’s wrong with them. Well, what’s wrong is they don’t have Jesus in their lives to fulfill them and make them whole.
  6. At this point everyone will be sure the chips are black on one side and white on the other and you are just turning them over. But, now it’s time for the surprise.
  7. Slide the two chips slowly over one another with their white sides touching. Call attention to the fact that the white chip magically changed to red. Say, “But, when we are washed in the blood of Jesus, and know that he sacrificed Himself for our sins, we know that we are washed clean and can begin a new, full and happy life.”
  8. Now slide the two chips slowly over one another again, this time with their black sides touching. Call attention to the fact that black chip magically changed to green. Say, “Once we are walking with Jesus, we will continue to grow as Christians as study our Bibles, pray, and have fellowship with other Christians.”
  9. Finally, flip the chip in the right hand to show it has changed to blue. Say, “And we stay true blue to Jesus, then one day we will walk those golden streets of Heaven and be reunited with Him forever.”
  10. Flip over the chip in the left hand to show it has changed to yellow (gold like the streets of Heaven).
  11. Both chips may be passed out for examination.


Here is a bit of advice. “Black & White Surprise” will cost you up to $45 or $50 (plus tax, or shipping charges). “Color Deception” can be acquired for around $20 to $25 on the Internet. Try searching eBay for great deals or either one. Here’s the thing – “Black & White Surprise” is distributed by a company called Chu’s Magic. “Color Deception” is marketed by Magic Makers, Inc. But, guess what – they are both the same trick; they are both made in China (probably by the same company). There is no difference in quality either way. So, seek out the best deal.

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  1. Jeremy Mohl says:

    This is a great lesson with a great effect. Just one thing to add, as you are searching for the effect it seems to more frequently go by the name of “Poker Chip Polka.” Not sure why since they do not look anything like a poker chip. I thought this may be helpful to someone who is looking to purchase it. Thanks for the great idea, God Bless.

  2. Paul Albertson says:

    Important creator / distributor information: Black & White Surprise is Created by Per Clausen, from Denmark, and Distributed by Elmwood Magic. “Color Deception” is a knock off from China.

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