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What Does the Lord Require of You – Object Lesson

Prepare ahead of time: Print out on the computer (or by hand) the following fake tickets so that they will look fairly real to the children: a speeding ticket, a littering fine, and an “after school detention” slip. If the class is larger than normal, print the tickets a little larger and bolder than normal for visual purposes.

(Choose 3 volunteers to each hold a ticket.) I’ve handed out some tickets here. No, they aren’t for the state fair or the arcade or miniature golf. Let’s see what you have! (Have first child tell the class what kind of ticket he has.) A speeding ticket for $85!!! Shame on you! How old are you anyway!? You shouldn’t even be driving! I’m just kidding. What kind of ticket do you have? (Have second child read ticket.) A $500 littering fine? And I thought the speeding ticket was bad enough! What kind of ticket do you have? After school detention? I won’t ask how many of you have one of these at home. (Toward class…) Why do people get tickets like these? (Allow response.)

People get these tickets for not doing things that are required of them. A requirement is something that is not a choice, not an option. It is required that you drive the speed limit. It is required that you throw your trash in a trash can. It is required that you behave in class. When someone doesn’t do what is required of them, they pay the penalty or receive a punishment. Going to school is something else that is required of you. It isn’t a choice. Why are you required to go to school? (Allow response.)

That’s right. You need to get an education. That’s what is best for you. The government requires certain things of us, not to be mean, but because they are what’s best for us! Deuteronomy 10:12 has a list of things that God requires of us, things that are not a choice. Now why would God require things of us?

(Allow response.) That’s right. Because that’s what is best for us! That verse starts off like this. “What does the Lord your God require of you, but to fear the Lord your God.” This fear isn’t being afraid, but giving God proper respect. God is the most powerful and most important person in all the world! He deserves a lot of respect for that, more respect than we give anyone else. Now remember, something that is required is not a choice. Why would God require that we respect Him? Because that is what’s best for us.

(Refer back to the tickets.) These tickets show us that not doing what is required of us always brings penalty or punishment. We don’t have to be punished, though, if we choose to do what is best for us. God requires that we fear or respect Him. Let’s do what is best for us and give Him proper respect!

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  1. John Hailes says:

    Really Quality adaptable talk aimed just at the right level! Thank you!

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