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Welcome to the TATER PATCH!

2 people
Basket of Potatoes (to be passed out to crowd-when their name is read)
One box of instant potatoes

Good evening folks tonight I will be your common-tater (insert name yourself) There are many roles you can play in our show tonight. For one example you can be a spec-tater like (insert someone). We would like to introduce you to our shep-taters (insert pastors names). We also want you to know our youth dic-tater (insert name), I mean leader. In all tater patches there is a tater like no other so our sweet-tater is(insert name). Our patch also has some tater-tots (insert names).Sometimes you find a rotten-tater like(insert name).There’s always a agitater(insert name) picking fights with the more vulnerable taters,and making some of our taters become cry-taters (insert name).Hey! did Noah have ali-taters on his boat let’s ask (need someone with an AL or Alan name). Does anyone enjoy math? Our denomin-taters are(insert names) They take care of our church pennies….Look around… does anyone look as if they can’t sit still. If you look hard enough I bet you see our fidge-tater (insert name). Has anyone ever called you tater-salad, How about you (insert name).The new intimi-tater is (insert name-should be a woman that drives a big truck)with her driving that big truck she make’s Dale Earnhardt look like a Jeff Gordon fan…..Now don’t be couch-taters like (insert names),Be an insta-tater like (insert name) (THIS PERSON SHOULD BE HANDED A BOX OF INSTANT POTATOES) By now in this little skit your most likely getting a little sick and you might want to be a regurgi-tater like (insert name), So will move right along and say don’t be a tater hater, This SPUD is for you (insert name) We have a cheerleader in our group and we call him/her our cheer-tater, (insert name).we hpe you hae enjoyed our little program today, thank you and have a Blessed and happy evening, (have your cheerleader lead in a cheer….like….. give me a J…. give me an E ….give me an S…. give me a U…give me a S… what is his name….JESUS…and what do we have…..VICTORY…..)

by Teresa Sparks

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