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What Are You Expecting In Ministry This Year?

Where will ministry take you this year?  Where will you take ministry this year?

A standard has been set before me this year for “Great Expectation” in seeing “Heaven-Born Possibilities” being daily realized throughout all areas of my life and ministry.

As I previously wrote, for me, 2009 is the “Year of Heaven-Born Possibilities!” (Isaiah 45:8 AMP) A challenge for you today is to take a hold of this vision with expectancy to see God’s marvelous hand mightily move throughout all of your life as well.

This kind of exciting supernatural interaction follows your actions. In other words, God is looking for you to act in order for Him to interact!

In brief, there are several areas in which you must be diligent.

1 – Have a tender spirit with an inward ear that is continually listening for that still small voice of direction.
2 – Be earnest in prayer.
3 – Be consistent in feeding your thoughts, mind, soul, and spirit the Word.
4 – Walk in love and patience.
5 – Hold onto your confidence.

Oh, there is so much that can be shared to fully express these basics, but let’s just highlight a couple of points.

In all that Alisa and I do, our greatest desire for CMT is to assist you in being the best in all that you do and all who you are for the glory of God. And, much of that, I personally believe, is founded on a tender spirit that is listening for daily interaction with its Creator.

An example of this, I will share with you what just happened recently as I was wanting to purchase a gift for someone. I had searched many stores for a particular item without any success. All that I found was more than I wanted to spend and cheaply made. As I was driving along this past week, God gently nudged me to turn into a small shopping center which I rarely visit. Not only did the store have what I was looking for, but it was on clearance. Plus, that specific day all clearanced items were an additional 50% off. AND, the craftsmanship was exquisite! Praise the Lord! I was blessed as God used me to bless someone else.

Prayer and the Word of God are key. Desiring to experience the fullness of your covenant and blessing from God without prayer and the Word is much like wanting to mow your lawn without ever putting gas into your mower. You know it can be done, but you have no resources to see it fulfilled or accomplished.

Love and patience are most likely two of the most misunderstood and rarely implemented resources God has given His people to walk in victory. Love is not some whimpy, ethereal feeling. It is the very power and essence of God Himself. God is love! Many also confuse patience as being some sort of submissive state for allowing oneself to be walked over and trampled under foot by every scheme which satan can think up. Not so! Patience is consistently being consistent!

And this brings us to the final point of holding onto our confidence. Hebrews 10:35 says that you “WILL BE REWARDED” when you do not throw away your confidence. Your heart is a spring of dreams, visions, insights, purposes, and motivations that were placed there by your Father God. Tightly hold onto those! It is your confidence in His promises and words in your spirit that will walk you through even the most difficult situations to a place of victory and blessing.

I want to summarize this for you. Live this year with EXPECTATION for seeing “the pure, spiritual, heaven-born possibilities that have their foundation in the holy being of God” supernaturally and daily manifested in your life and ministry. “Do not throw away your confidence for it will be richly rewarded!” That is a promise from your Father! And, in Christ, every promise is already answered “Yes” and “Amen!” So, it’s up to you! The ball is in your court, to coin a phrase. Prayer, the Word, Love, Patience, Confidence, and a Tender Inward Ear will have you daily living in anticipation to see how God will interact next in your life in ministry!

Rev. Gary R. Linn

Rev. Gary R. Linn
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  1. Judi Pence says:

    Gary, thank you for this great inspiration! We, my husband and I, faced many disappointments last year in our pastorate. I have been a children’s evangelist all of my life and when all of our children grew into teens (which I am grateful for) our children dropped to 3. I have grieved over this for a year and became very despondent. Your encouraging words have lifted me up and this article brought me to my feet. My husband was so excited he asked me to inquire if we could use and promote this as our theme for 2009?
    I am going now to make a donation to your ministry. God bless you and Alisa as you continue to labor for Him.

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