Mother’s Day Prayer Coupons. Younger child craft idea.

Instead of the old idea of Mother’s day coupons for a free hug, or doing a certain chore, etc. try making a small booklet where the child, or an adult helping a small child can fill in things they will pray for their mother. Add drawings and a picture of the child to make it […]

Jericho Horns

Homemade kazoos from paper rolls. Materials: o Toilet Paper Tubes (One Per Child) o Wax Paper Squares o Rubber Bands (One Per Child) o Pencil o Markers & Crayons Help the children make horns. Let them each decorate a toilet paper tube with markers and crayons. Place a square of wax paper on one end […]

Mom’s Are Like A Bit of Heaven

Text (Revelation 21:4) He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. (New International Version) Thought Starters Happy Mother’s Day! Did you give you mother something special today? You received a gift from you mother […]

Fishers of Men – CD Fish

Kids of all ages can make these cute cd fish. We hung them up on the wall, using a long piece of decorated tablecloth paper on which we wrote the bible passage: “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”. Read the story of Jesus and his disciples.

Coffee Can Cubbies

Paint the outsides of large coffee cans with bright colors. Make designs on them, too! Next, decorate large index cards with bright colored markers or paint. Write each child’s name on a card. Once the cans are dry, you can attach the index cards to the open end of the cans, using spring-type clothespins. This […]

Button Blanket Wall Hanging

While doing a VBS in a native community we used this craft for the creation story. Supplies: 1 square of Black Felt per child Coloured Felt Buttons White Glue Rope or String Glitter Glue

Baby Chickens (Easter Craft)

Easy cute craft for Spring / Easter that can also be used as an object lesson. Supplies: Pink or yellow Styrofoam egg cartons Yellow Cotton balls Tiny glue on eyes glue orange or yellow felt or construction paper in diamond shapes Hard boiled egg