Egg Smash

You get a place of business to let you do this fundraiser out in front of their store. You take plastic and spread it out then have one person stand on it and have people to buy an egg they can keep the egg or pay more money to crack it all over that persons […]

Egg in the Face

An interactive fundraising contest! We did a fundraiser where we asked the children to fill an item with money. It had to be to the very top.  We used sm. barrels.  For every child that brought a full barrel, they got to break an egg over the Children’s Pastor’s head.  Wow, we had an awesome […]

Eggs For Cash

This very simple fundraiser has proven an easy money-maker, especially in teh city. Stock up on cartons or flats of eggs and simply go door to door in small groups. Briefly explain what you are raising money for and ask if they would like to support you by buying an egg. There is no set […]

Creative Fundraisers

Door-to-door carwashes: just go around your block with all the gear you need, ask the people if you can wash their car in their driveway! I’ve never been turned down! Rent-a-kid: “Rent-out” the kids in your children’s ministry to do household chores for those in your congregation. Kid Talent Show: have kids in your church […]

A Night with the Puppets

This is an outreach tool that I thought of, because all kids (and adults) love puppets. by Lami Hamood

Take A-Long Sunday – Fundraiser Idea

On one Sunday a month we had Take A-long Sunday, Lunch TO GO. The response was WONDERFUL. by Linda Pendleton

Spaghetti Luncheon and Pie Auction

We have a Spaghetti Luncheon & Pie Auction each year in the church to raise money for VBS. We do it right after church so everyone is good and hungry. The luncheon is free however there is a freewill offering taken and of course our PIE AUCTION. We get $150.00 a pie, no problem. It […]