Back to School Party

BYOB (Bring Your Own Banana) Each year we have a back to school bash and each child brings his/her own banana. We either serve individual banana splits or make a giant banana split to share. We play all kinds of games using bananas and give away school supplies as favors and prizes!

Back to School Ideas

At our back to school party for the juniors we gave each child a packet of school supplies (such as paper, pencil boxes, glue, other larger items). For pencils, erasers, candy, treats, even certificates for ice cream and kids meals, and other smaller items: I wrapped each in Aluminum foil (tightly), then dipped each in […]

Crazy Olympics – Summer Children’s Ministry Activity

  Here are ideas to run a Crazy Olympics. Boys and girls can be involved in dreaming up more events, which they think would be fun! Bicycle Relay – Three people for each team. Two hold right or left hand (facing each other). The third person straddles the hands. All three run to goal and […]

Win It In A Minute – Theme-Day Service

Download this COMPLETE Kids’ Service with ANY DONATION! When you make a donation below to support the ministries of Children’s Ministry Today, you receive this HIGHLY INTERACTIVE KIDS’ SERVICE as our “Thank You!” Thank you for supporting Children’s Ministry Today! May God’s Greatness be with you and your ministry! ‘Win It In a Minute’ is […]

Bible Book Challenge

Equipment: rope for as many teams as you have with clothespins attached Either divide children into 2 or more teams working as teams; or work individually Have 2 children hold the ends of a rope that has snap type clothespins attached to it.  Have the first child stand by the rope with one hand behind his back […]


Grapefruit Everyone sits in a circle. One person who is it stands in the center of the circle. This Person is called ” It”. Each person asks the person who is “it” an appropriate question. The only answer to every question has to be answered as ” Grapefruit”. The first person to make the center […]

Walk by Faith, Not by Sight- Lesson/Game Combo

Walk by Faith, Not by Sight – lesson/Game by Derek Bammer Items needed: Blind Fold, paper plates or small objects such as paper cups, cans, etc. Play: Pick two to children and have one put the blind fold on the other. Then set up a pretend “mine field” with the paper plates in a 12×12 […]