Easy-to-Do Fall Festival

It’s that time of year for putting on a wonderful ‘Fall Festival’ event. But in the back of your mind you remember the huge undertaking it took last year. Here’s a few suggestions that will help you organize an incredible event! First, consider the advantages of

All About Trick Cartooning

Trick cartooning is an incredibly easy and fun method that captures kids’ attention, betters behavior, and helps them remember Biblical truths for a long, long time. We use trick cartooning in all of our crusade services and about twice a month in a regular children’s church setting. How effective is it at capturing kids’ attention? […]

Easy to do Halloween alternative

We belong to a SMALL church, and there are not many people ready to volunteer to run drawings, games and booths. What they are willing to do is sit in a chair at the trunk of their cars, handing out candy to children in the church parking lot. What you do is have the willing, […]

Addressing Allergies for Children in Your Care

Allergies have increased steadily over the last fifty years [1], and this increase affects your organization. Eavesdrop on a typical conversation among a group of parents, and the issue of allergies will likely come up. Some interesting allergy statistics are [2]: About 6% of children aged zero to two years have a food allergy About […]

Children’s Ministry Safety and Security Checklist

KidCheck is offering a complimentary safety and security whitepaper and checklist discussing the leading concerns around child security and offers ideas for improving safety in your ministry. It delivers actionable, useful suggestions and best practices to help create a safe environment for the children in your care and minimize any possible safety and security issues. […]

Wired vs Wireless Networks – Caveats and Suggestions

What’s better for children’s check in, a hard wired or wireless network? This educational article from KidCheck provides an easy to understand overview and explanation of wireless, caveats and considerations. While we recommend wired for check-in, the article also provides specific actionable suggestions to test and set up a wireless network to help make it […]

Bible Story Murals: A Tour Through Bible History

How do you create an inviting atmosphere in your children’s ministry area both in and outside of the classroom?  Many children’s workers use music and special lighting to add an intriguing ambiance which their kids love.  Some churches have designed entire themed buildings, entryways, and rooms.  With an average church size in the US being […]