Balloons Can Enhance Your Lessons

Can I Easily Add Balloons to Any Lesson?

Yes! There are a couple of simple ways to use balloons in your lesson. The most popular is to create a sculpture based on an object or animal in a story or illustration you are using. For example, let’s say that you are teaching on Daniel in the lion’s den. Create a balloon lion while you are telling the story. Or, for the story of Jesus’ Baptism, create a balloon dove. Maybe you have an object lesson based on a basket. Instead of just showing a basket while you talk, make one with balloons while you are teaching. You can also use an animal known for a particular characteristic related to your story. An example of this would be using an elephant, which is known for his memory, in a story on communion, or Jesus’ return, since you would be focusing on the kids’ need to remember.

Scripture Verse on a balloon

This helps children remember there verse for the week. Put one word (or 2 if small words) on each balloon after it is blown up. Read it a couple times from the balloons and then have one volunteer pop a balloon. Try to say the verse with the word missing. Continue until all the balloons […]

Memorable Balloon Story of Jonah and the Fish. (Preschool)

Hindsight Is 20-20

Needed – 1 260 Balloon. I’m going to do a ballooning for you today. How many of you wear eye glasses? Eye glasses help us see better. If you’ve had your eyes tested before, you probably know that, by using the glasses to correct your vision, the doctor is trying to bring your vision up […]

Be Imitators of Christ – Balloon Lesson

(Follow these instructions to make the parrot balloon as you teach the lesson. Inflate one 260 animal twist balloon leaving about half an inch uninflated and tie the knot. Hold the balloon in your left hand with the uniflated end to the right. Make a half inch bubble and then a 1.5 inch bubble. Taking […]

Jay Finds Joy (Ballooning Story)

This routine is not only entertaining, but easy to do as well. This routine requires three #260 pencil balloons: 1 blue, 1 white and 1 red. Fully inflate the blue #260 and tie off the nozzle. Announce to the audience that you will attempt to make the world’s fastest balloon animal in only 5 seconds. […]

Giving To Missions Balloon Lesson

Truth: If we would give even our change to missions it would add up to dollars. This balloon creation is used to show as a visual as you talk about how when we all give offerings for missions it adds up to alot for the missionaries. This creation takes only 2 260’s I use the […]