Children’s Ministry Christmas Drama

Thought about how I could do something different that the adults could minister to the children and then also involve the children. I feel like the Lord is leading me in the following: (Stage is dark and the narrator reads the following) In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be […]

What’s Up With Easter?

An easy Easter skit to use with just the kids or for the whole congregation! We rented a bunny costume, but you can keep it simple if you need to with just bunny ears & nose and white clothing. by Jeremy & Brenna Sniatecki

Obedience and Respect: Skit

By: Derek Bammer Note to Teacher: Use as either a live skit with people or with puppets. Herb: Good morning Skeeter. How is your day going? Skeeter: It’s not the best day I have had… Herb: Why is that? Skeeter: My teacher on Thursday told me to do some extra home work for disrespecting her […]

The Reason for the Season

The Reason for the Season A Christmas Play by Angela Simmons and Jessica Simmons *Characters (in order of appearance): TREE : thinks he is the main attraction STAR: thinks HE is the main attraction ANGEL: sweet, but spunky CARD: extremely cheerful CANDY CANE: grumbly; not so sweet BELL: fast talking, knows all and tells all […]


This is great before an alter call – nothing fancy, or wordy…just simple. Need 5-7 men with the last man dressed to represent Jesus. Need 1 child. Stage-line men facing audience with Jesus last one on right child enters at left. Child shakes

The Delivered Skit

need: spotlight, 2 tables, 3 chairs, Bailiff, Satan, Jesus, Clown, God’s voice Set – 1 table stage left (angled) for Satan with papers; 1 table stage right (angled)for Jesus and clown; Bailiff stage left; spotlight center stage (spotlight on) Bailiff: (standing) All rise. Our Honorable Creator now presiding.

Not So Heavenly Transportation – Salvation Message Sketch

Banner: Not So Heavenly Transportation ph: 1-800-4SINNER Announcer set (banner hanging behind Announcer; Announcer stands by word “Not”) Announcer: Are you looking for reliable transportation to Heaven? Call 1-800-4SINNER or come by to Not So Heavenly Transportation today! We’ve got transportation for all…we have a: