Prayer is Strength – Gospel Illusion

With the US having the National Day of Prayer this week, here is a lesson on prayer. Here’s a picture of an average boy. He looks like he is having the time of his life with that giant ice cream cone. How many of you would like to have one of those right now? Little […]

A Smoother, More Convincing Way To Perform “King Of Hearts”

The “King of Hearts” card trick was the first effect produced by Dock Haley Gospel Magic. It is a Great trick and certainly one of the best witnessing tools ever created in the Gospel magic world. It requires no sleights at all and I’m not going to assign any to it either. But, there are […]

A Smoother Way To Perform – Good Kids, Bad Kids

"Good Kids, Bag Kids" is a great card trick manufactured by Dock Haley Gospel Magic. It is unique among card tricks for the lesson it teaches. The handling, as provided in the instructions with the trick, is excellent if practiced and done smoothly; however, there are two weak points in the original handling that can […]


This is a simple little puzzle that always stumps the audience. You lay four matches on the table in a cross pattern and then ask a volunteer if they can make a square by moving one match only. They will strain the brain trying to figure this out until you show how it’s done…And it […]

Jesus Blood Will Wash Away Your Sin

I bought some of that paper that dissolves from water and I cut out slips of paper.  I had each child write their name on one side and some sins on the other.  During our small group time each group came and nailed their name to the cross.  Then in the big group session we […]

Sin In Your Heart (Paper Trick)

This trick takes some [a little] set up work before it can be presented. Before the performance, unfold the paper completely, then draw a large red heart shape.  Print the word “CHRIST” vertically along the center crease.  Leave some space between each letter as you print:  COCAINE, FILTHINESS, GREED, CRIME, RISQUE, HATRED.  [see diagram below] […]

Jesus Can Forgive You

Items needed:The Ultimate Coin Penetration, coin, glass Presentation: Today, I want to show you something very special. This will help us better understand God’s free gift of salvation.  We will let this coin represent Christ. And we will let this glass represent someone’s life.  (Pick someone to come up and assist.) So many times we […]