Olympic-themed Kidmin Lessons for Children’s Church & Sunday School

Children’s Ministry Today has some “Awesomely Interactive” Olympic-themed lessons for your kidmin services! Each complete lesson features some wonderfully creative ideas with a tremendous parallel to the Olympic games and are designed to powerfully instill strong Bible lesson truths in a motivationally fun interactive way. There are several to choose from or you can download […]

And Be Thankful

Colossians 3:15b “And be thankful.” Object Needed: 2 eggs, marker, two clear bowls NOTE FOR PREPARATION: At least a week ahead, draw a frown on an egg and let it set out to rotten. Draw a smile on an egg and keep it fresh. Have you heard the expression ‘He’s a good egg”? It means […]

What’s the Word for Mother’s Day? – REMARKABLE LESSON

This is a REMARKABLE Mother’s Day lesson that parodies one of the most popular apps our kids are playing on their iPods, iPads, & smartphones titled “What’s the Word? – 4 Pics, 1 Word”. “What’s the Word for Mother’s Day?” gives your kid’s ministry a brilliant lesson created by 19 games in 4 rounds that teach incredible Biblical truths […]

What’s the Word for Easter? – Remarkable Lesson

This is a REMARKABLE Easter lesson that parodies one of the most popular apps our kids are playing on their iPods, iPads, & smartphones titled “What’s the Word?”. When producing this lesson, “What’s the Word” was showing an OUTSTANDING 5 Star rating with nearly 580,000 user votes in the iTunes app store! “What’s the Word […]

The Shepherd Knows His Flock – Scientific Object Lesson

The Mad Scientist Presents: MAD ABOUT JESUS: Scientific Object Lessons to Teach Biblical Truths By Daniel A. Briere Object Lesson 9: "The Shepherd Knows His Flock" LESSON : Do not live your life to convince others, for only God knows your heart. SUMMARY : Many people spend their lives trying to convince others they are […]

Hollow Easter Bunny – Object Lesson

Object: A hollow chocolate Easter bunny How many of you have seen these chocolate rabbits in the stores lately? They seem to be everywhere this time of year, don’t they? You know, nowadays it seems like the world wants to put the focus of Easter on the rabbits, the candy, the colorful eggs. I’m not […]

Easter / Salvation Object Lesson

Needed: 2 poster board hearts of identical size (one white, one of a darker color), clear tape. Darker heart should be damaged in some way to represent a sinful heart–torn in places or crumpled up and then straightened back out I have in my hand a terrible looking heart! (Show damaged heart.) It’s had a […]