Salvation – The Prodigal Son

Script from Ventriloquism is for Dummies E-book .  (Good for Father’s Day) V- Good morning ________. How are things going with you? F- Oh, it could be better. V- And how’s that? F- I’m losing my hair. V- It looks like you already lost it. F- Well, you don’t have to rub it in.

Writing and Developing Scripts To Teach Spiritual Truths

One of the most fulfilling experiences in a kid’s camp or crusade is to see how much the children respond to a newly developed script between myself and my ventriloquist figure, Rodney. It”s wonderful to see their eyes light up with excitement, hear their laughter, and discern that they understand the spiritual truth being presented. […]

The Lost Hamster – Puppet Skit

Teacher: Hi Sunny. How are you? Sunny: Great. I’m doing a lot better than I was yesterday. What a night! Teacher: Why? What happened last night? Sunny: One minute I was sitting in the living room watching TV. I went to the kitchen to get some popcorn, and the next thing I knew I was […]

Ventriloquism Basics

Much like puppetry, ventriloquism is an entertaining art form that has become very useful in teaching children. Having your knee pal friend help you tell the story or act it out adds a whole new dimension to learning! Can Anyone Actually Learn It? Many people never attempt to become a ventriloquist because they assume it […]

Let Your Light Shine

Teacher: Hi Sunny. How are you today? Sunny: I’m doing great! I just got back from visiting my grandmother. Teacher: That sounds like fun. Sunny: It was. I had a great time. Teacher: What did you do?

Fisher of Kids

Sunny is holding a fishing pole, with a bite sized candy bar for bait. (This works best with a rod-armed puppet.) She could also be wearing a fishing hat, a life jacket, ect. Sunny: (dangles the candy bar out toward the kids) Teacher: Hi Sunny! Sunny: Shhh! You’ll scare the kids.