Children’s Ministry Safety and Security Checklist

KidCheck is offering a complimentary safety and security whitepaper and checklist discussing the leading concerns around child security and offers ideas for improving safety in your ministry. It delivers actionable, useful suggestions and best practices to help create a safe environment for the children in your care and minimize any possible safety and security issues. […]

Wired vs Wireless Networks – Caveats and Suggestions

What’s better for children’s check in, a hard wired or wireless network? This educational article from KidCheck provides an easy to understand overview and explanation of wireless, caveats and considerations. While we recommend wired for check-in, the article also provides specific actionable suggestions to test and set up a wireless network to help make it […]

I See You!

Babies enjoy looking at themselves.  Try this.  Supplies Needed: Plexiglass mirror trimmed in black and white (attracts a baby’s attention faster than colors) Directions We attached plexiglass mirrors to the wall behind each crib in our nursery. The older babies will coo and talk to the baby in the mirror, sometimes even calming the infant […]

Bible Story Murals: A Tour Through Bible History

How do you create an inviting atmosphere in your children’s ministry area both in and outside of the classroom?  Many children’s workers use music and special lighting to add an intriguing ambiance which their kids love.  Some churches have designed entire themed buildings, entryways, and rooms.  With an average church size in the US being […]

Top Ten Ways To Have An Infectious-Free Environment

1. Have clean toys for each service. We have 4 sets of toys for each classroom for each service. We clean them all during the week. 2. Follow strict diaper changing rules – use gloves, diaper sacks, wax paper, and clean changing table after every child is changed. Keep record of your changing times.

Security Cards

If you need an easy way to print blank security cards for your nursery this is it. We use blank business cards and print the logo and info for each class on them. Since they are perforated, it is really quick and easy. Just print and punch out!!  by Resa Weikle