Maximize Your Ministry Potential

Let’s say we are sitting together right now, sharing a cup of coffee, and I ask you “Are you achieving your maximum potential in ministry?”  You respond, “I’m not sure.”  So I ask, “What gifts has God placed within you?”, what is your response?  Would you say music, drama, intuitiveness, caring, wisdom, etc…? Earlier this […]

There Is Still Much More!

I listened intently as a friend shared from several scriptures.  One scripture in particular challenged me to the very core of my spirit.  I have read through it in at least ten translations.  I believe the best translation is from the New Century Version. Carefully consider God’s words to Joshua in Joshua 13:1.  God says, […]

Making Your Circumstances Work For You

As I was reading earlier this week, I came across a compelling daily challenge. Daily remind yourself that your external circumstances do not determine your peace, soundness of mind, joy, or happiness. All of those are your choice. These essential states of being flow from your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Sure, we often convince […]

What Do You Desire To Accomplish In Ministry?

When you started ministering, what dreams and expectations did you have?  Can you concisely answer the question, “What did you desire to accomplish in ministry?”  Here’s the follow-up question for you.  “Have you done it?” There are many examples of being held back from doing something we really wish to do.  The classic example from

5 Steps to Build Relationships

Relationships matter. Simple enough; no one will likely argue this point. Ministry is filled with all sorts of ups and downs, but, at the end of the day, relationships continue holding everything together. Beyond hip children’s ministry themes, cutting edge technology implementation, and crazy games with kids, creating bonds, and giving others the opportunity to […]

Addressing Allergies for Children in Your Care

Allergies have increased steadily over the last fifty years [1], and this increase affects your organization. Eavesdrop on a typical conversation among a group of parents, and the issue of allergies will likely come up. Some interesting allergy statistics are [2]: About 6% of children aged zero to two years have a food allergy About […]

What Your Kids Do and Do Not Know

This is a remarkable world which our kids are growing up in today!  Have you ever considered what your kids know about today’s technology and culture?  I’ve seen preschoolers playing games on iPhones.  Kids are texting without looking at the keypad.  There are preteens who design websites.  Teenagers have created successful international businesses.  They understand […]