Prayer and Protection

Ask how many of the children have learned to swim. Talk with the group about how it can be a fearful experience when one doesn’t know how to swim or is just learning to swim. See if the children know how to overcome a fear of water–by learning to swim. The more a person learns […]

Seeking God’s Direction

SUPPLIES: auto repair book written by the manufacturer of the car, preferably a sporty model that would catch the children’s interest (Display the auto repair book to the class.) Pretend for a moment that you own this wonderful ______ (type car). If your car suddenly broke down and you wanted to repair it but didn’t […]

Do You Trust God?

Have each child put on a blindfold. Tell them to be certain that they cannot see; it is very important to understand today’s lesson. Lead one child at a time to a different area of the room. If there are too many children, have them holds hands and lead the first child in line by […]

Repenting of Unkindness

Ask the children if they have ever done something mean. If none respond, give them a few examples, such as not sharing, hitting someone, telling someone they hate them, etc. Ask the children to tell you why they act mean. Explain that sometimes we are mean because of losing our tempers or being selfish or […]

Obedience–Whether We Like it or Not

Have the children raise their hands if they would love to be able to live off of ice cream? Have the children raise their hands if they would love to play soccer (or another popular sport) all day long every day. Mention that sometimes we would rather do things that are not good for us […]

Showing Love

Have the children list ways that people show them their love. Assist them in thinking of things like helping them, giving them a card or gift, taking care of them when their sick, giving them food and clothes and a house to live in, talking with them, praying with them, reading the Bible to them, […]

God Sees Your Need

Allow the children to tell you their prayer requests. Write them up on the chalkboard. Remark that now all the children are able to "see" their requests on the chalkboard. Everyone can see what each person needs God to help them with. Express, however, that God each need long before it was ever written on […]