Abraham and Sarah Stick Puppets

Materials: Brown bags, several Popsicle sticks, 2 for each child Crayons, markers Stick glue Several quarters Old discarded rags, linen tea towels, or t-shirts Sharp scissors Child Scissors Related Scripture:

Children’s Ministry Safety and Security Checklist

KidCheck is offering a complimentary safety and security whitepaper and checklist discussing the leading concerns around child security and offers ideas for improving safety in your ministry. It delivers actionable, useful suggestions and best practices to help create a safe environment for the children in your care and minimize any possible safety and security issues. […]

Wired vs Wireless Networks – Caveats and Suggestions

What’s better for children’s check in, a hard wired or wireless network? This educational article from KidCheck provides an easy to understand overview and explanation of wireless, caveats and considerations. While we recommend wired for check-in, the article also provides specific actionable suggestions to test and set up a wireless network to help make it […]

Preschool Instant Lesson: Good Samaritan

LESSON 22: The Good Samaritan Craft: An Owee Story Materials: o White Paper or Story Paper o Band-aids (1 per child) o Crayons & Markers Help the children remember a time when they were hurt. Tell them to draw a picture of that time and let them stick the band-aid on the picture on the […]

Bible Story Murals: A Tour Through Bible History

How do you create an inviting atmosphere in your children’s ministry area both in and outside of the classroom?  Many children’s workers use music and special lighting to add an intriguing ambiance which their kids love.  Some churches have designed entire themed buildings, entryways, and rooms.  With an average church size in the US being […]

Preschool Instant Lesson: Little Boy Jesus Lost

LESSON 18: Where is Jesus?! Activity: Find Jesus! Materials: o A Picture of Jesus Hide the picture of Jesus and let the children try to find it. Let the child who finds it be the next person to hide it, etc… Tell the children that today’s Bible story is about someone who couldn’t find Jesus.

Preschool Instant Lesson: What A Catch!

LESSON 17: What a Catch! Craft: Goldfish Art Materials: o 1 Fish Outline per child o Goldfish Crackers o Glue Let the children glue goldfish crackers to the fish outline.