The Christian Olympics

By Ben and Abigail Springer (for two puppets, brother and sister, 10yrs & 8yrs respectively) Max: (Saying the Lord’s prayer as fast as he can) Maggie: Whatcha doing Max? Max: I’m practicing speed-praying, hey, how loud can you pray? Maggie: I don’t know, I don’t yell like some people. Since Jesus lives in my heart, […]

Salvation – The Prodigal Son

Script from Ventriloquism is for Dummies E-book .  (Good for Father’s Day) V- Good morning ________. How are things going with you? F- Oh, it could be better. V- And how’s that? F- I’m losing my hair. V- It looks like you already lost it. F- Well, you don’t have to rub it in.

What is Christmas all about?

Puppet play for Christmas. When I do puppet plays, I usually record the script beforehand – using different ‘character’ voices, and then play it back while children operate the (glove) puppets.This way I am able to ‘watch’ the entire group, and also have a puppet/human dialogue if required. For this play, you will need one […]

What is Easter all about? (puppet play)

You will need three “people” puppets, one “animal” puppet (I use a sheep), a piece of plain paper, and a pair of scissors. HOST: Today, we are going to ask the question ” What is Easter all about? “, but firstly let me introduce you to my panel of guests. Representing the younger generation is […]

Abraham and Sarah Stick Puppets

Materials: Brown bags, several Popsicle sticks, 2 for each child Crayons, markers Stick glue Several quarters Old discarded rags, linen tea towels, or t-shirts Sharp scissors Child Scissors Related Scripture:

Creative Puppets

One way that I obtain some really cool puppets is to keep my eye open for unusual stuffed animals. All you have to do is unstuff them, receate the mouth area a little bit and you’ve got an awesome puppet! [For easy makeovers, look for stuffed animals with a mouth that is already separated–has top […]

Adding Legs to Half Body Puppet

I am sure that there are a lot of other puppet directors like myself who are always looking for inexpensive ways to add to their puppet accesories. A good friend of mine who is a puppet designer and maker gave me this helpful hint. It is SOOO simple. Instead of buying costly legs, one only […]