Creative Puppets

One way that I obtain some really cool puppets is to keep my eye open for unusual stuffed animals. All you have to do is unstuff them, receate the mouth area a little bit and you’ve got an awesome puppet! [For easy makeovers, look for stuffed animals with a mouth that is already separated–has top […]

Adding Legs to Half Body Puppet

I am sure that there are a lot of other puppet directors like myself who are always looking for inexpensive ways to add to their puppet accesories. A good friend of mine who is a puppet designer and maker gave me this helpful hint. It is SOOO simple. Instead of buying costly legs, one only […]

How To Make A Collapsible PVC Puppet Stage

Here’s a design that is inexpensive, portable, quick and easy to set up, and give the same performance!Your supply list may vary some, depending on the size and style you build. For this illustration, we will build a simple stage with a 4 pvc frame sections that are connected with cable ties from the electrical […]

How To Build A Free Standing Blacklight Fixture

Vertically mounted lighting provides an even intensity on all parts of a full-size black light puppet. Below are step-by-step instructions for making your own free-standing vertical light fixture. The materials list is for one light fixture. You may wish to build two fixtures, one for each side of the puppet or stage. You may also […]

How To Write Puppet Scripts

1. Know which puppets, and how many, will be used. 2. Decide what kind of stage is needed. 3. Keep the sketch short, due to attention span of listeners and fatigue factor of puppeteers. 4. Provide fast action.

Puppet Ministry – Puppets, Puppet Theaters, and Puppet Shows

I frequently receive questions about running an effective puppet ministry. Just the term “puppet ministry” can bring different images to mind to different people. For example, some think of a Christian puppet ministry as one that uses finger puppets in a toddlers Sunday School class. Others think of developing a puppet team of a large […]

Puppet Storage Ideas

Are your puppets turning into space invaders? Trying to fit that 5-gallon hat into a 5-quart tub? Most of us could use a little more storage space. But just having the space isn’t always the answer either. It’s nice to have a system where everything has a place and is in its place. I guess […]