Secret Aunt Idea

This idea is shared by Eunice Cox.  This is done the easiest with a smaller group but could be pulled off with a larger one. Assign a lady or could be a man to be a secret aunt or uncle. You give them a name of a child with their address and anything that interest […]

Recruiting Workers and Gaining Support for Your Ministry

Do you struggle recruiting workers? Does ministry sometimes appear to be an activity of organized chaos? Do you feel it difficult to gain the support and vision from other leaders or the rest of the church body for what you desire to accomplish in the Children’s Ministry Department? I am going to give you a […]

Volunteer Selection

Following a few simple steps will go a long way at keeping your church kids safe from harm and reducing liability. The following is a summary of some commonly known, practical suggestions that were sent out from Assemblies of God headquarters to all their pastors.

In The House – Teacher Training Program

Our church is in the process of doing a IN THE HOUSE teacher training program. This training has been one of our most successful and productive programs we have ever had. What makes this training unique is all the training can be specific to problems or situations that occur within our own classrooms (hence, In […]

APT for Volunteers! (Appreciation Plus Training!)

We don’t have very many volunteers in our children’s ministry right now, so I came up with the following idea to try and recruit volunteers while making the present ones feel appreciated.Each month I have scheduled a Super Saturday event for the kids (usually the last Saturday of the month). On the same Saturdays, I […]

Public Service Announcement Skit – Teacher Recruiting

PSA – Public Service Announcement Scene – tour bus. Players – 7: 1 bus driver, 4 female tourists, 2 male tourists. Female Tourist1: “STOP the bus!!!” (Bus driver slams on brakes. ALL tourists lean forward and then backward (to simulate a sudden stop). Female tourists and male tourist1 point cameras towards

Team Ministry (pt. 2)

Considered now to be one of the greatest president’s of all time, he was once believed to be a horrible failure. A great football coach who won multiple Super Bowl titles ended up coaching a different football team years later and failed miserably. What is it that made Abraham Lincoln and George Siefert great in […]