The Memory Tree

My children were never very interested in memorizing verses until now. I painted a big tree in the corner of our classroom. It’s called the Memory Tree. Each branch has a child’s name on it, and every week the kids stamp a big leaf on their branch if they know their memory verse.They seem to […]

What Is Rebus? – Scripture Picture Puzzles – Making Memory Verses Fun!

Rebus is the art of putting words into the form of pictures. (You may recall the old TV game show, Classic Concentration, which used a similar principle.) It’s an excellent way to make scripture memorization fun and exciting by changing the typical rote scripture memorization into a mind challenging kids’ game. The puzzles are not […]

Scripture Verse on a balloon

This helps children remember there verse for the week. Put one word (or 2 if small words) on each balloon after it is blown up. Read it a couple times from the balloons and then have one volunteer pop a balloon. Try to say the verse with the word missing. Continue until all the balloons […]

Going Fishing – Memory Verse Game Idea

Make two sets (or more)of seven fish shapes from foam craft, Put eyes on one side, a split pin on the mouth and a pocket on the back. Place on of the following in the pocket of each fish Hebrews – 13:5 – I – will – never – leave – you. Place the fish […]

Memorizing Philippians 4:8 thru Puppetry

We have put this verse to music and we sing the song about— if we get bad thoughts or bad dreams the we sing the verse. We get some puppets up front and as we mention bad thougths bad things or bad dreams then the puppets start to shake as in fear. Then we say […]

Scripture Clues

Each Sunday, in our Children’s Church time, we present the children with a scripture clue. Here’s how it works. They receive a clue about something in the Old Testament, or New Testament. The clue is about a person, a place, or an event. We let them know which one it’s from.(O.T. or N.T.) They are […]

Memory Verse Rewards

You can make a big cutout (5×5 or bigger) of any object that represents the verse. For eg. Matt 3:17 -Then a voice said from heaven, This is my own dear Son, with whom I am well pleased. Make a cutout of a dove on white card sheet and fold it in half just for […]