Why Your Church Needs a Children’s Check-In Solution

As child security professionals here at KidCheck, we are often asked how implementing a children’s check-in solution can benefit churches and childcare organizations.  A check-in system provides enhanced security and is vital to child safety, yet the benefits and success truly come from a combination of the check-in system itself and how well the staff […]

Children’s Ministry Safety and Security Checklist

KidCheck is offering a complimentary safety and security whitepaper and checklist discussing the leading concerns around child security and offers ideas for improving safety in your ministry. It delivers actionable, useful suggestions and best practices to help create a safe environment for the children in your care and minimize any possible safety and security issues. […]

Wired vs Wireless Networks – Caveats and Suggestions

What’s better for children’s check in, a hard wired or wireless network? This educational article from KidCheck provides an easy to understand overview and explanation of wireless, caveats and considerations. While we recommend wired for check-in, the article also provides specific actionable suggestions to test and set up a wireless network to help make it […]

What Is Rebus? – Scripture Picture Puzzles – Making Memory Verses Fun!

Rebus is the art of putting words into the form of pictures. (You may recall the old TV game show, Classic Concentration, which used a similar principle.) It’s an excellent way to make scripture memorization fun and exciting by changing the typical rote scripture memorization into a mind challenging kids’ game. The puzzles are not […]

Children’s Ministry or Entertainment?

Over the years we have seen new ideas incorporated into children’s ministry such as; games, multi media, and technology at the expense of watering down the gospel message. We use most of these methods during our Jubilee Gang events. However, the purpose of our events are not to just entertain and wow the children, but […]

Instant Messaging Ministry

Instant Messaging is an incredible opportunity for children’s and youth ministry. Consider starting up a weekly online chat group for your church kids. It is easy, inexpensive, and incredibly effective!

Tracking Attendance with a Palm Pilot

Are you tired of writing out or printing nametags every week for all of your kids? Are you looking for a new and easy way to keep track of your attendance in your children’s ministries? I’m Jason Yon, Associate Children’s Pastor at Grace Covenant Church in Cornelius, NC. This article will discuss a cutting-edge idea […]