Spectacular Summer Event Days that will knock your socks off!!

Picture yourself wearing a “Crazy Hat” while walking “Backwards” balancing a “Marshmallow” on the end of a straw trying to avoid it being “Splashed” off before you reach the finish line! Discover some of the most creative “BIG DAY” ideas to use in your Sunday School and Kids’ Church services this summer! (Marshmallow Day, Splish […]

Win It In A Minute – Theme-Day Service

Download this COMPLETE Kids’ Service with ANY DONATION! When you make a donation below to support the ministries of Children’s Ministry Today, you receive this HIGHLY INTERACTIVE KIDS’ SERVICE as our “Thank You!” Thank you for supporting Children’s Ministry Today! May God’s Greatness be with you and your ministry! ‘Win It In a Minute’ is […]

Single Day Youth Camp

Our church was looking for an idea for our church picnic that would make it a special day for everyone involved, kids and adults alike. Someone came up with the idea of having an obstacle course as one of our activities. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was busy […]

Why Attend Church Camp?

Our July summer camps are rapidly approaching us. Soon buses, vans, and cars will be pulling on to the Woodworth Assemblies of God Campground filled with children excited about camps. Why attend Christian youth and children’s camps? The reasons are varied but let me name a few.

Jesus is the Way (One Way Jesus)

Place a cross on one end of the room with the scripture “I am the way, the truth, and the life” On the floor, tape out a maze. Have about four or five ways to enter. Also, have an exit, but run it around the maze to a dead end. In the middle of the […]

Kids Summer Camp Planning

Planning a Summer Camp by Kimberly A. Sims 1. Begin planning a year in advance. It takes at least six months to initiate a Kid’s camp: For Instance: – Seek out funding and/or donations, – Seek out volunteers, staff, and activity leaders – Seek out resources, and materials for planned camp theme, daily activities, special […]