Easy-to-Do Fall Festival

It’s that time of year for putting on a wonderful ‘Fall Festival’ event. But in the back of your mind you remember the huge undertaking it took last year. Here’s a few suggestions that will help you organize an incredible event! First, consider the advantages of

Are You Looking for Olympic-Themed Kid’s Ministry Lessons?

Children’s Ministry Today, ChildrensMinistry.org, has several AWESOME lessons themed around the Olympic games!  Your kids can THRILLINGLY participate in Wonderfully Wacky Olympic Events – Balloon Bonanza, Pom-Pom Plunder, Jell-O Jest, The Feather Fly like: Pack-a-Backpack, Trendy Trousseau Relay, Tumblers of Truth Relay, and Mighty Man Cram-Jam Relay! http://childrensministry.org/estore/kids-ministry-lessons-with-olympic-themes/

Crazy Olympics – Summer Children’s Ministry Activity

  Here are ideas to run a Crazy Olympics. Boys and girls can be involved in dreaming up more events, which they think would be fun! Bicycle Relay – Three people for each team. Two hold right or left hand (facing each other). The third person straddles the hands. All three run to goal and […]

Spectacular Summer Event Days that will knock your socks off!!

Picture yourself wearing a “Crazy Hat” while walking “Backwards” balancing a “Marshmallow” on the end of a straw trying to avoid it being “Splashed” off before you reach the finish line! Discover some of the most creative “BIG DAY” ideas to use in your Sunday School and Kids’ Church services this summer! (Marshmallow Day, Splish […]

Win It In A Minute – Theme-Day Service

Download this COMPLETE Kids’ Service with ANY DONATION! When you make a donation below to support the ministries of Children’s Ministry Today, you receive this HIGHLY INTERACTIVE KIDS’ SERVICE as our “Thank You!” Thank you for supporting Children’s Ministry Today! May God’s Greatness be with you and your ministry! ‘Win It In a Minute’ is […]

Do Your Salvation Calls Have Lasting Impact?

As this weekend approaches in the United States, churches will begin holding all sorts of special events from Hallelujah Nights to Fall Festivals to Redemption Houses, etc…  Many churches will also be celebrating the numerous people who respond to the salvation altar call.  Too often, however, in a few weeks ahead, some will also wonder […]

Choosing to Care by Praying for Neighborhood Friends

An effective way boys and girls can become involved in ministering to children in their own neighborhoods is through prayer. Challenge the children to walk or drive with their parents through their neighborhood and select 3 homes where their friends live.  Write down the name and house number.