How to Take the Ho-Hum From Your Storytelling

1. Prepare Prayerfully a. Choose Your Story (1) Does the story have a strong point, idea or theme? (2) Do the characters appeal to the age group? (3) Is the vocabulary appropriate for your age level? (4) Is the length suited to the age? (Rule of thumb: attention span is about one minute more than […]

One man/woman show

Is your ministry shy on volunteers? Are you afraid that the children are getting bored with the same teacher each week? You can create come-back characters who can bring excitement to the classroom just by going to second hand stores and purchasing dress up clothes and wigs. You need to develop a persona for each […]

The Boy With the Bike – Story Object Lesson

The Boy with the Bike This object lesson can be used to teach about temptation or being a witness. These are some scriptures that can be used depending on what you want to teach. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:13, Matthew 5:16, Philippians 2:5 SUPPIES: Take three clear glasses. and fill the first two glasses with water […]

Fairy Tales with Gospel Applications

Several fairy tales have great gospel applications. Children are familiar with them and so can relate easily to these gospel principles. –Use puppets or stuffed animals as characters from the story – hand them out to children as you tell the story. –Let the children themselves be characters in the story. You can use props […]

The Tiny Star

Show a star Christmas ornament or a star tree topper and ask the children if they have any stars decorating their house for Christmas. Share the story book, The Tiny Star, by Arthur Ginolfi. After reading it aloud and sharing the pictures, ask, How many of you have ever felt like Starlet? Big grown-ups tell […]

Ticket to Heaven Story

There was a boy named Randy that was sitting in church, and heard a lesson alot like the one we just had. After church he went to his teacher and said that he wanted to be saved. So they prayed together and Randy asked Jesus to come into his heart and forgive Him for his […]

Videos with Gospel Applications

Several movies/videos have great gospel applications. The children are familiar with them so it is easy for them to relate to the gospel principles being taught. Use only a short, few minutes clip of the movie/video to reinforce the lesson objective. It adds power and visual effects to your presentation. The children will have seen […]