Crazy Olympics – Summer Children’s Ministry Activity

  Here are ideas to run a Crazy Olympics. Boys and girls can be involved in dreaming up more events, which they think would be fun! Bicycle Relay – Three people for each team. Two hold right or left hand (facing each other). The third person straddles the hands. All three run to goal and […]

VBS Miracle

Last summer at Vacation Bible School we “Took the Plunge” with Jesus, and what an amazing adventure it was. It wasn’t amazing because of the curriculum, the worship, the team, or the kids. Each of these things were really cool, but the truly amazing part was that God used our little kids to do something […]

Children’s Ministry or Entertainment?

Over the years we have seen new ideas incorporated into children’s ministry such as; games, multi media, and technology at the expense of watering down the gospel message. We use most of these methods during our Jubilee Gang events. However, the purpose of our events are not to just entertain and wow the children, but […]

Church Minded Vs. Kingdom Minded

We hear a lot today about church growth and church growth is good. A healthy church should be growing just like a healthy person should grow. A healthy church cannot help but grow! A lot of churches are starting to evaluate every program according to how much it helps the church grow. Evaluation is good […]

Island Adventure – Fruits of the Spirit

The Fruits of the Spirit Program Night Bud; I made it! I finally made it home. For awhile there it was touch and go. I got home and remember I entered that contest and if I could find nice people I would get $100.00. Well I got my money. (sighs) It’s just that I feel […]

Island Adventure – Gentleness/Self-Control

Gentleness / Self Control Day 5 Bud; Hi, I am almost home. I was going along in my boat everything was great when I saw this Island. I mean I had to stop. How could I pass up meeting an azz cousin again. They are kinda funny. ( walks along then trips, falls, and starts […]

Island Adventure – Faithfulness

Faithfulness Day 4 Bud; (lets out a big sigh) What a week. First I get a leak in my boat, then I run out of food, then yesterday I ran our of water. I mean It makes you start thinking that I will never get home. I decided that I would head home. No more […]