Designer Plates

Take a clear glass plate. Cut out shapes out of fabric. Glue the pieces on the back of the plate with a glue that dries clear. Keep applying pieces till you get the look you want. Let the plate dry. The design will show up on the top of the plate. Plate can be used […]

The Empty Tomb Craft

A yummy treat for kids to make with their parents! Materials needed: PLAIN Canned biscuits (not the flaky or butter kind) Dough roller Wax paper large marshmallows Confectioner’s sugar Sifter toaster oven preheated according to biscuits directions

Rain Sticks

We used this craft for a Vaction Bible School our team put on and it was a real hit! This craft went along with the story of Jesus calming the storm.

Paper Quilt

Have children create “quilt pieces” by painting or drawing pictures on plain paper. Punch a hole in all four sides of each piece of artwork and connect them all with yarn, tying bows at each hole. Place an even number of squares on the top, middle, and bottom. Then, hang the “quilt” on the bulletin […]

Nature Collage

o Zip-Loc Bags (1 per child) o Cardboard or construction paper (1 per child) o GlueTake a nature walk, collecting nature items in zip-loc bags. Bring the items back to class and glue them on cardboard or construction paper to make a nature collage. by Angela Simmons

Joseph’s Coat

Wearable craft for Coat of Many Colors using paper grocery bags. o Grocery Bag Vests, 1 per child Make these by cutting up the middle of the front of a paperg rocery bag and cutting a hole in the bottom for the child’s head; then cut arm holes! o Crayons & Markers Let the kids […]

Making a ‘fun’ Christmas card

Get your children to make ‘fun’ Christmas (or Easter) cards. These are quite easy to make, and all they will need is a sheet of A4 paper, a pair of scissors and some crayons. I will first describe the finished card, and then tell you how to lead your children in making them. Written on […]