Communicating the Love of God

Over the past weeks, we’ve seen numerous Christian responses to the tragedies of September 11. Some of those responses were made off-the-cuff, so to speak, and caused controversy. The controversial statements were later retracted and/or restated as to their meaning and intent. Communication is an evasive art at times and it seems that no one […]

Sidewalk Sunday School

This information is used with permission from David Cushworth of Sidewalk Sunday School International. It’s purpose is to acquaint you with SSS background that should help you discover if this is the type of children’s ministry needed in your community. Details for finding more information on SSS from David is included at the end of […]

Avoiding Burnout

The problem of a few carrying the majority’s workload is a common one no matter the size of the church. The reasons can vary. Our TV generation is used to just absorbing as opposed to being involved, and that lifestyle often carries over into the church. This can be due to either a lack of […]

Developing A Child’s Sense of Worship

For a child to participate in your weekly service in an experiential way—expressing love to God, hearing from God, responding to God—the child needs to develop a proper sense of worship. Let’s cover several essential points of your service presentation, preparation, and perspective that will either develop or hinder your child’s sense of worship. Your […]

Pastoral Attitude

1 Peter 5 covers some essential points necessary for a proper pastoral attitude, as well as some common leadership temptations to be guarded against. As faithful stewards, we must personally evaluate our attitudes, actions, and desires by these scriptural guidelines. First, let’s cover the temptations to avoid and then end with the positive exhortations.

Philosophy of Children’s Ministry

I chuckle every time I think about the interview for our first full-time Children’s Pastor position.  We had driven most of an hour trip toward the airport very early that morning only to realize we had left our tickets at the house.  We retrieved the tickets and made it to the airport just as the […]

Ways To Say ‘Thank You’

These ideas were either submitted by ministry leaders using the CMT site or from our Tips area. Feel free to use the Vault submission if you would like to add an idea of your own!