What Is Holding You Back?

I was encouraged to post this "Word of Challenge" from the last CMToday e-newsletter. Have you ever come to a place where you felt like you were quickly getting nowhere? I’m sure you know the cliché "spinning your wheels" and have most likely felt like you were time and time again. All of us, at […]

Toilet Paper Slam Game

Supplies: 24 rolls of toilet paper, six laundry baskets (or empty boxes), and masking tape (or orange cones). How to play: Using masking tape (or orange cones), divide the playing area into two even squares with a line in the middle. Place two laundry baskets at the back end and one in the middle of […]

Practical Advice for Group Games!

Games can be both educational and entertaining. Review games add zest to the class while reinforcing the main thoughts for the day. It is our goal to have kids remember what we teach and review games are an effective way of doing that. Though it is fine to play some games just for fun once […]

Jimmy and Jack’s Special Class

Text (Psalm 33:12) Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance. (New International Version) Thought starters Have you noticed that there are a lot of television shows and news reports showing places to do with World War II lately? It happened especially around last weekend, Memorial Day […]

A Challenge to Preschool Teachers

It’s been over 30 years and I still have not forgotten those words. It’s been over 30 years and I have not forgotten those words because I can remember being surprised when he said them. It was new information to me. I will never forget the words of my Christian Education professor when he said,

Key Verses for Memorial Day Lessons

Are you looking for a key verse to use for a memory verse or theme scripture for your Memorial Day lesson? Here are 16 verses that do well when teaching on the theme that Memorial Day is a time for remembering.

Hindsight Is 20-20

Needed – 1 260 Balloon. I’m going to do a ballooning for you today. How many of you wear eye glasses? Eye glasses help us see better. If you’ve had your eyes tested before, you probably know that, by using the glasses to correct your vision, the doctor is trying to bring your vision up […]