Splish Splash Back-2-School Bash

One last summer event before kids go back to school! This event is mostly a water based event so have the kids wear their swimming suits. We rented a dunking booth, space jump, carnival train, and also had water slides, and other carnival type games that we made up. We also let the kids squirt […]

17 Just for Fun Games

by Angela Simmons STICKY GUY: Place children on two teams and have each team choose a player to be their sticky guy. The team then wraps a roll of duct tape around the sticky guy (sticky side out). Teams have 5 minutes to blow up and stick as many balloons as they can to the […]

Back To School Survival Kit

Items needed: plastic zipper pencil case toothpick rubber band band aid pencil eraser chewing gum mint candy kiss tea bag I started my lesson by discussing what a survival kit is and when we would need one.

Kids Night Out

Here’s an extra curricular idea for you that doesn’t take a great deal of planning or preparation. Plan a "Kids Night Out" for your elementary aged kids. If the budget is an issue, you can easily charge $2 – $3 per child to help cover the expenses. An event like this will help develop a […]

Born Again – 2 Puppet Skit

Cast: Anna Mae and Clementine Scene: Livingroom Props: None AM: I’ve got some serious questions for you today. C: Now come on Anna Mae, I didn’t know you could EVER be serious!!!

Wacky Water Relays (event)

Have a church picnic and put together some silly water game competitions for dads & their kids. Be sensitive to the issue that some children don’t have dads. Be sure to allow either another male role model or mom to compete. (Many churchs have men who have been cleared to work with children who volunteer […]

Indoor Campout

I have used this idea for both an incentive and a fun theme night. It’s a fun activity which doesn’t take a whole lot of preparation, just a little bit of creativity. Room Set-Up: Make a spacious room into a fun outdoor-like campground only you don’t have to plan for good weather! Set up a […]