Puppet Ministry – Puppets, Puppet Theaters, and Puppet Shows

I frequently receive questions about running an effective puppet ministry. Just the term “puppet ministry” can bring different images to mind to different people. For example, some think of a Christian puppet ministry as one that uses finger puppets in a toddlers Sunday School class. Others think of developing a puppet team of a large […]

How To Take The Hassle Out Of Directing A Children’s Drama Or Musical

Step by Step Tips

The Christmas Tree

If you have a decorated Christmas tree in your classroom, you can use it as an object lesson to teach some important Christian truths. If not, a picture of a Christmas tree would suffice. The tree. This reminds us of our sin. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge […]

Finding Key Answers for the Children’s Ministry Leader

Do any of these clichés feel familiar to you? “I’m going around in circles.” “I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” “I’m getting no place fast.” “I’m just spinning my wheels.” Do you find yourself asking questions like: -Is it time to leave my position here? -Is it time to move […]

Thankfulness, Envy, and Hidden Candy

Before class tape one piece of candy, or a bite sized candy bar under one third of the seats. Tape a ziplock bag with several pieces of candy, or a full sized candy bar under one third of the seats. Do nothing to the remaining third. Lesson: How’s everyone doing today? Everyone feeling ok? Comfortable? […]

How To Create Your Own Christmas Musical

Are you still looking for that perfect Christmas musical? Here’s an idea that may simplify things for you. How would you like to create your own musical? Sound too difficult? It isn’t. Select about 8 songs that you would like the children to sing. Be sure to include one that will lend itself well to […]

God’s Promises

Have several of the children tell you promises that someone has made to them. Then have them tell you about promises that people made to them which were not kept and how it made them feel. Now have the children proceed to tell you promises that God has made and kept to them (These may […]