Fairy Tales with Gospel Applications

Several fairy tales have great gospel applications. Children are familiar with them and so can relate easily to these gospel principles. –Use puppets or stuffed animals as characters from the story – hand them out to children as you tell the story. –Let the children themselves be characters in the story. You can use props […]

Preschoolers and Patience

In smalls groups of about 4-5, you can run a game of ‘pass the parcel’ with the children, so that they have to take their turn at waiting to unwrap their layer… you can include a sticker for them to keep and a piece of a simple jigsaw so that when the game is over […]

Reaching the Learned

My heart is to always be learning something–sometimes the lessons I learn are ones I prefer not to learn. Some lessons we bring on ourselves thru our own choosing. Sometimes we learn a great treasure of truth when not even searching–and don’t you just love those surprises of learning. The past two years I have […]

Gift From God – Scientific Object Lesson

The Mad Scientist Presents: MAD ABOUT JESUS: Scientific Object Lessons to Teach Biblical Truths By Daniel A. Briere Object Lesson 13: “Gift From God” LESSON: “What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.” Eleanor Powell SUMMARY: God gives each of us talents. Being a true Christian means […]

Creative Fundraisers

Door-to-door carwashes: just go around your block with all the gear you need, ask the people if you can wash their car in their driveway! I’ve never been turned down! Rent-a-kid: “Rent-out” the kids in your children’s ministry to do household chores for those in your congregation. Kid Talent Show: have kids in your church […]

Children’s Prayer Meetings

When teaching children to pray during a special children’s prayer meeting, or to teach them to pray in your weekly service, an important key is to keep kids’ interest by being goal oriented. Each prayer time should have a theme. If you meet weekly, you may want to keep a theme for a month at […]

Why Ministry???

Why are we in ministry? Why set a goal to be in full time ministry? I have a cousin that was a full time youth minister. Everyday at lunch he would go to the YMCA and play basketball with the youth from the church and community. One day one of his sons came to him […]