Connecting Generations

I am the preschool director of a medium sized church in NC. We have a large group of children (ages birth-teens) attending. Each age group is active among themselves, but they hardly ever do things together. For our children’s Easter party this year, we are hosting the whole group, but in differing capacities. I have […]

Sin Enters The World

(fruit to snake drawing below) TOPIC: Why is there sin in the world? Genesis 2 & 3 DRAWING STEPS: 1. Draw the fruit stem 2. Fruit 3. Snake tail 4. Tongue 5. Body markings 6. Head 7. Eye

Storage Ideas

Are your puppets turning into space invaders? Trying to fit that 5-gallon hat into a 5-quart tub? Most of us could use a little more storage space. But just having the space isn’t always the answer either. It’s nice to have a system where everything has a place and is in its place. I guess […]

A Teen Version of Musical Chairs

Our Youth Group enjoys this version of musical chairs because of the way it ends. Sometimes the victor gets a pie in the face, sometimes the two ‘finalists’ get to pick someone from their group who had to sit out, or the last man standing gets a pie in the face, or one of the […]

How God Works in the Lives of Children

I’m sure that all of us have heard stories of how God has miraculously worked through children. We have our favorite Bible stories that feature God working through children; Samuel and David immediately top our list. But, what about our kids today? How is God working in their lives? I have dozens of stories that […]

Unopened Packages

Many children can’t wait to open a package when they see it has their name on it. How about the child whose birthday present is delivered a few days before his/her celebration and the parents do not render permission for him/her to open the gift until the birthday party? A child’s mind is full of […]

Bible Survival

Bible Survival is a game played each Wednesday night by my 4th grade class. It is a cross between Survivor and a scavenger hunt. The first week, the class is divided into two teams, the green team named Truthseekers and the pink team named Christian Warriors. Each week there are both individual challenges (usually a […]