Week 2 – Genesis to Revelation Puppet Skit

Bethany Bible intro skit #2 the Genesis and Revelations Theme: the first and last (Genesis=beginning, Revelations=revealing or showing something.) Scripture: Revelations 1:8 Set up: introduction of the book case-show the Pentateuch (books of Moses) and Revelations. (John) Puppets Mopp and Sparkle hold up word signs behind Bethany when appropriate

Week 1 – Introducing Bethany Bible Puppet Skit

First Bethany (or Billy) Bible skit – intro part 1 Bible Skit Puppets: Bethany Bible, Sparkle and Mopp I have the Genesis and revelations books ready to open. I start talking and then hear loud running sound then crashing books sound behind stage—then Bethany pops up

Bethany Bible Teaches the Books of the Bible (Puppet Skits)

We used this for our children’s church opening, and lots more. First, we found 66 large boxes (cereal box size) that open like a book-cereal boxes will work, if you tape the tops and cut the front panel to open up and close. We used boxes from a computer store that held hard drives-they were […]

Preschool Instant Lesson: Joseph’s Coat

LESSON 5: Joseph’s Coat Activity: J-E-A-L-O-U-S Materials: o Seven Letters to spell out the word jealous (one set per child) These letters are in separate envelopes. Ask the children the following questions. After they answer each question, they choose the letter you tell them to from their pile. After all the children have chosen out […]

Preschool Instant Lesson: Abraham & Sarah

LESSON 4: Abraham and Sarah Activity: Will You Do It Game Materials: o None Have the children line up in a horizontal line across the back of the room.This game is similar to Mother- May-I. Instead of taking turns all the children listen to your question and respond with, Yes, I do. You then issue […]

Preschool Instant Lesson: Tower of Babel

LESSON 3: The Tower of Babel Activity: Build a Tower Materials: o Large Blocks Tell the Children that you are going to build a large tower with the blocks. Ask them how tall they think you can make it. Then tell them that you will all work together to build the tallest tower you can… […]

Preschool Instant Lesson: Noah’s Ark

LESSON 2: Noah’s Ark Activity: Zoo LineUp Materials: o None needed Tell the children that you are going to pretend that the zoo animals in a large city have gotten loose. You must gather them all before they get away or hurt someone. Have each one pretend they are a zoo animal. They cannot be […]