Preschool Instant Lesson: Samson, the Strong Man

LESSON 8: Samson, the Strong Man Activity: How Strong Are You? Materials: o a heavy book o a small ball and several paper cups o balloons o a paper airplane for each child

Preschool Instant Lesson: Joshua & the Battle of Jericho

LESSON 7: Joshua and the Battle of Jericho Craft: Jericho Horns Materials: o Toilet Paper Rolls (One Per Child) o Wax Paper Squares o Rubber Bands (One Per Child) o Pencil o Markers & Crayons

Preschool Instant Lesson: Moses is the Leader

LESSON 6:Moses is the Leader NOTE: FOR SNACK TODAY, GIVE THE CHILDREN GRAHAM CRACKERS AND ICING. LET THEM PRETEND TO BUILD WITH THE CRACKER BRICKS AND ICING MORTAR AND THEN EAT THEIR CREATIONS! Game: Follow the Leader Play follow the leader. The teacher should be the first leader, then the children may take turns being […]

Choosing to Care by Praying for Neighborhood Friends

An effective way boys and girls can become involved in ministering to children in their own neighborhoods is through prayer. Challenge the children to walk or drive with their parents through their neighborhood and select 3 homes where their friends live.  Write down the name and house number.

Little Saints Library Idea

I would like to start a library on wheels to go throughout the community, helping children in low income neighborhood giving them books to read and also provide a library for the children at my church to be checked out on youth sundays. Books help children to be able to read, learn to read and […]

The Delivered Skit

need: spotlight, 2 tables, 3 chairs, Bailiff, Satan, Jesus, Clown, God’s voice Set – 1 table stage left (angled) for Satan with papers; 1 table stage right (angled)for Jesus and clown; Bailiff stage left; spotlight center stage (spotlight on) Bailiff: (standing) All rise. Our Honorable Creator now presiding.

Jesse Tree Extended

I took the idea of using ornaments to make a “Jesse Tree” (Advent tree) further, and made 52 ornaments to use at the rate of 1 per week, to teach the kids lessons from the Bible. I began by at Genesis, using an world ornament, to talk about creation.