Preschool Instant Lesson: What A Catch!

LESSON 17: What a Catch! Craft: Goldfish Art Materials: o 1 Fish Outline per child o Goldfish Crackers o Glue Let the children glue goldfish crackers to the fish outline.

Preschool Instant Lesson: Hungry Lions

LESSON 16: Hungry Lions Activity: The Whole World in His Hands Materials: o A ball Have the children sit in a circle and sing He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, then pass the ball to one of the children. Sing the song again, singing it with the child’s name in it: For example, […]

Preschool Instant Lesson: Little King Josiah

LESSON 15: Little King Josiah Activity: Find the Scrolls Materials: o Ten Scrolls of Paper Hide the scrolls around the room and have the children find them. Let the children take turns hiding the scrolls for the other children to find. Tell the children that the Bible used to be written on scrolls like this. […]

Preschool Instant Lesson: Jonah Tries to Hide

LESSON 14: Jonah Tries to Hide Activity: Hide & Seek Play Hide and Seek! Let the children take turns being it. Tell the children that today’s Bible story is about a man who tried to hide from God!

Preschool Instant Lesson: Solomon Gets His Wish

LESSON 13: Solomon Gets His Wish Activity: Wishing Well Materials: o 3 Pennies per child o A Large Plastic Bowl Ask the children if they’ve ever seen a wishing well.